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tv   Headline News  RT  August 3, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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the surveillance control spirals in the u.k. amid new revelations naming three telecom giants a british intelligence agency to look through private data of millions of clients. and in the u.s. debate of a massive valence is swept under the carpet while whistleblower edward snowden dominates the headlines. america calls on its citizens to stay away from the middle east a lot of a major al qaeda terror threat but some experts saying washington's policies in the region continue to fuel resentment our top stories this.
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international news and comment this is r.t. within twenty four hours a day at live from moscow where it's not just turned eight pm. there have been further revelations in the old going spy scandal in the u.k. the world's major telecommunications firms have been working alongside a british intelligence agency handing over swathes of private data documents leaked by u.s. whistleblower edward snowden suggest that the rise in business vodafone cable and british telecom were among those who gave g c h q unlimited access to their network of cables and collaboration allowed the agency to harvey's millions of phone calls e-mails and facebook conversations this comes in the wake of reports that america's national security agency is generously funding british surveillance details now from. well some big names in there for the telecommunications companies bt vodafone cable verizon business these three big companies along with four other
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smaller companies have been named now those companies operate a huge share of the high capacity undersea fiber optic cables and that carries data from millions of users now back in jeanne the guardian newspaper has revealed details of an operation named tempera that heads it was alleged been looking at the data hoovering programs from the british spy agency g c h q and that had said that you were able to access these companies fiber optic cables and access that huge chunk of information that was being carried in and store it for thirty days data that's been released by whistleblower edward snowden prior to his gaining asylum in russia not some of the companies have actually come back in the wake of these claims and have said that the questions relating to national security are for governments to answer not for the telecommunications companies but bt spokesman reported as having said they can reassure customers they're complying with the law
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and not disclosing customer data in any jurisdiction and less legally required to decern now under the one nine hundred eighty four telecommunications act these companies can be compelled to cooperate with the government and pass along that information and legally required to do so the question of privacy advocates right now is going to be whether or not these big companies are actually challenging enough when asked to pass over this big chunk of information and of course this is just the latest in a search of revelations that look into the level and scope of snooping by u.s. and u.k. intelligence agencies and indeed the degree of cooperation between the two countries now some of the recent revelations say the g.c. eight he had actually been fun. it by washington to the tune of one hundred million pounds now that was for a period of over three years and these payments made to secure access to british intelligence gathering programs and in return it's
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a list that g c h q were required to quote pull its weight in other regular baramin a real headache for downing street and those communications companies obviously going to be fearing a backlash from their customers over those alleged breach of privacy and while the scope of american led surveillance is raising eyebrows across the globe nothing has been done on capitol hill to curb the practices what is going to can explain what the government is doing to plug the voices of discontent both at home and abroad. while edward snowden as the messenger remains the focus of everybody's attention the u.s. government is trying to kill his message or at least contain it senior intelligence officials have testified in congress so everything is done in accordance with the law congress has already killed the bill that would make the n.s.a. walk back some of its powers so as of now no concrete steps have been taken to rein in n.s.a. surveillance but call for reform keep coming lawmakers are putting forward new
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initiatives earlier this week the president met with members of congress specifically to discuss. the scandal of course attacking snowden is much easier for the white house defending this with their state and here's what president obama said about that just in the wake of snowden's revelations and if people can't trust not only the executive branch but also don't trust congress and don't trust. federal judges to make sure that we're biting by the constitution due process and rule of law then we're going to have some problems on that trust issue a gallup poll shows fifty three percent of americans now disapprove of the government surveillance programs thirty seven percent approve and now the poll by the quinnipiac university conducted just in the wake of snowden's revelations shows forty five percent of americans say the government's anti-terrorism efforts have gone too far restricting civil liberties three years ago that percentage was twenty
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five so it's a massive shift in attitudes but is longer snowden's own destiny remains the top story it will be much easier for the government to sweep the debate under the rug in washington i'm going to get. from reporters without borders thinks that washington's tough stance it would snowden is aimed at dissuading any potential whistle blows from coming forward but just would like to remind you there. the last fare of war of war against we saw glowers. was abducted in one thousand nine hundred seventeen. prosecution have been launched against me so blowers even under the obama administration it's clear that the obama administration hopes that the war will discourage any potential we saw glower to reveal any information that you also have to understand that here and us any
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information related to national security is considered a secret it's considered classified so everything is classified so it's really easy to become a creamy now in the days of the obama administration if you're revealing any information which are related to national security well it would snowden has not only made headlines is also become the hero in a new video game a new smartphone app called snowden run three d. puts a digital version of the whistleblower in a never ending chase from what looks like a cia agent in the game the man on the run is collecting u.s.b. sticks and laptops containing secret information if caught the digital snowden gets a one way ticket to guantanamo bay a call uncle putin option which drops a bomb on the chase or however it can help him avoid this scenario and there's always a restart button available which allows players to try again. british
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. unfortunately actually lost this is a bit of a difficulty because i actually lost my hearing for this in the studio so i do believe i may be talking to a guest in just a moment but i won't be able to talk to the guest because we have an earpiece and clearly the battery has just tie domi so that's a bit unfortunate so probably what we'll do is have a quick break and then all the sort out the sound and then hopefully we can do that shortly. i. the british intelligence analysts glenmore trinite hall of the joins me live for more on this not just been trying to explain actually to our production team that i won't be able to actually hear more because i have no sound in my ear which is a bit difficult at the moment so. you probably can him a lot to talk to in just
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a moment but i call unfortunate because a rather rare occurrence as it happened where i can actually hear anything so sorry about that so as i say we need a quick break and was sold out the problem with this is what.
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do we speak your language i mean some of the will not advance. news programs and documentaries in spanish what matters to you breaking news but will turn it into angles stories. for you here. altie spanish find out more visit actuality.
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happy to say we sorted out problems and we can continue now with the news and returning to one of our top stories not is the new revelations naming three telecom giants who have been cooperating with the pretty intelligent say agency g c h q by providing private data of millions of clients i'm happy to say now we cannot cross live to the he joins me live from the u.k.
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sorry about that a little earlier now these companies that have been named in the reports they are maintaining that they acted totally legally is that really the case. it's difficult to say i think they probably did in terms of their understanding of lol and certainly the tubing that they use most of the internet traffic does tend to go through the cable ng and of course both g.c. h.q. and the national security agency n.s.a. neutralize that but i think it's. as we know the revelations all edward snowden are being dark all of the time and that's causing huge embarrassment legality of this has not been tested as yet but i have to say that one of the prime examples of how good this is for all of us is the alerts we've heard in the last twenty four hours
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where the american state department of closed down tomorrow twenty one of their agencies throughout the middle east and afghanistan and the british also closing down their embassy in yemen and all of this has come to intercept traffic so while people have concerns about privacy and they show that concern we have to be grateful that such information is available to the intelligence services sure so i can't just ask you that level but that is specific information isn't it and yet the likes of you and i we are being spent on as it were and this idea of nass surveillance does that really though help keep a country safe and its people safe well first and foremost as most of us know whether we're doing twitter our telephone calls or e-mails are calling beyond
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belief what is of interest is if i were to contact you and you were a person of interest as a sport it would be the very fact that my. hooter's identified contacted your computer's identify and suddenly that contact becomes a question of interest the majority one thousand nine percent of the information that is scanned isn't recorded in the sense of the content so yes i do understand that the thought that when i send something a recipe to my girlfriend in. the netherlands. be looking at it it would only be of interest if she were a terrorist suspect all right. what about this other twist that we've heard where the americans have been funding quite considerably g c h q does that come as a surprise to you that about this development and in fact does the u.k.
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benefit from this absolutely first of all causes no surprise whatsoever back in the one nine hundred fifty s. there was an arrangement between united kingdom united states canada australia and new zealand. where they all shared information and juicy h.q. like the n.o.c. you know say are very very close in their operations in fact there are three main locations in the united kingdom one member of hill. the dome. though not as they call it. and more winstone corner these have all been funded in the main by the national security agency. there are seven hundred fifty national security agency american employees working now so they meld together might as well be known as the n.s.a. jussi h.q. there are so close. thank you very much indeed for joining us live here with your
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comments on this harvey live from the u.k. british intelligence analyst thank you an expert. a suicide attack on the indian consulate in afghanistan has left at least nine people dead and around twenty injured in the latest case of violence against civilians a recent u.n. report shows a staggering hike in casualties among non military in the country with the major toll surpassing one thousand three hundred people talked a bit a day from the university of north says the taliban only one sympathy points among locals because of the u.s. military operation. but weston also is the to new jersey. couldn't actually. engage probably illegal communities and never try to understand their needs and instead of trying to implement their defined. declined it is of the machine running and. it was not.
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created. in the first you have to actually in our. tradition the local or you have to be in the conquered and it isn't the only one said to. the developing countries are incapable only due to struggle problems. when afghanistan is among twenty one countries where the us has decided to close its embassies on sunday amid fears of an al qaeda terror threat most of the nations are in the middle east and it's not yet clear when the facilities will reopen washington has also issued a worldwide travel alert author and historian gerald ford says america's regional policies have backfired. i think that what this alert basically reflects is the fact that the united states' policy in that part of the world has
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backfired for example in syria united states has basically encouraged if not supported a war against the damascus based regime of all assad this is involved a number of u.s. nationals and european nationals going into syria to fight with the so-called jihad or this is given to shut me armed to our. back forces as such as they were from and syria which is tied to al qaida in iraq which in the last smoke has been engaged in a spate of car bombings in baghdad in the surrounding region so it seems to me the state department alert basically reflects a failure of u.s. policy more news of to a short break zante live in moscow. live . live.
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stream. her. live live. live. live good lists. that at least. he continues here not see a minute since she had his group affiliated with al qaeda is holding some two
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hundred civilians hostage in syria following an attack which claimed the life of one could lead. to has this report. considering the complexity of syria you have to understand that there are dozens of groups of people who are divided by either faith or nationality or ethnicity all of them are also involved in this bitter battle which has been going on in the country for the last couple of years kurds are among the biggest ethnic groups kurds how are actually the largest nation in the world that does not have a state the dream of statehood is something that kurds have entertained for hundreds of years they are originating in iraq turkey and in syria now increasingly kurds in syria are coming under under extreme pressure from the radical groups which have permeated syria and are affiliated with al qaida recently severe clashes broken out in several villages on the border between syria and turkey primarily in the northern province several hundred kurds have been taken hostage by fighters of
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all loser front and they are also helping videos posted on the internet which claim to be pictures of kurds who have come under attack from the from the extremists truly horrific pictures now the kurdish militia has called them kurds in the region to unite in their struggle against the radical islamists or to lead it with al qaida forces are also dreaming of their own state and it's not other than syria that there are plenty to initiate their state out in fact they're saying they're going to get right to it immediately after ramadan ends and that is just in a week's time so the situation in that region is in creative incredibly harsh and literally boiling at this point as we're having a very having again hundreds of people of ducted from their homes. we're also hearing about people being killed just for the simple reason that they're kurds and it really doesn't seem like anybody is especially paying attention primarily the western media there is very little information on the subject if you try to look
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for it. it still come up for you this here on r t punk rock band the bloodhound gang might want to restart their relations with russia to wam bam them but shop the country's flag into his underpants during a gig we'll have a live report on that very shortly here on r.t. . but first rouhani has just been endorsed by iran supremely to become the country's next president it officially take the oath of office in parliament on sunday promise reform and an end to the country's international isolation as part of his election platform but the u.s. has shown few signs of trying to engage with the new leadership political analyst professor saeed mohammad marandi says the importance of the presidential post in iran should not be underestimated what's interesting is often where in the western media when it's convenient they say he's powerless but when it's not they say he's
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a threat like former president ahmadinejad but here's a very powerful figure he is the second most important person in iran and he has the vote over half of iranians and another election that had a very high turnout over seventy two percent almost seventy three percent if the united states is willing to take this opportunity to reevaluate its policies towards iran and take a serious step toward the iranians and president rouhani will definitely be willing to make a positive move themselves and to move towards rapprochement. and you can read more about the iranian election and check out the latest footage on our website r.t. dot com also there for you at the moment more than two weeks of war games russian and chinese armies a symbol for massive joint drills photos and videos of tea. and also online anger boils over in the moroccan capital after a convicted paedophile is pardoned the dramatic photos are online ulti dot com.
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well now to a stunt that appears to have literally wiped a band off stage american punk rock group the bloodhound gang have been scattered with eggs and tomatoes beaten and banned from performing in russia after the bass player shelled the country's flag down his trousers during a gig in ukraine well. he's in the studio with me now to tell us more about this extraordinary incident so tell us what did happen well just several days ago the block gang had performance in the city of odessa in ukraine i believe we would be able to see that in the video over here when one of its members the bass guitar player shoved a flag through his underpants and threw it through a crowd we can see it right here right now. led later the front man of the band jimi properly intervene said that he'd not approve of such actions which is really
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hard to believe because several days before that in a concert in kiev he was shouting the f. word russia from the stage to the crowd so it's really hard to understand what kind of motivation was there but it's not the way the story ends there were actually supposed to perform in russia in southern russia this weekend at the kabbalah festival they came over to the city of napa and when they were told that their performance was cancelled by the ministry of culture who was infuriated by the antics we just saw on the screen here they were received their money still despite not performing at the concert and went back to the airport on the way they were throwing eggs and tomatoes that and at the airport we can also will be able to see that in the video here several men stormed into the v.a.p. section of the airport and attacked band members reportedly one of them was even attempted strangling by the american flag so this is just a case one gang doesn't need any kind of water to let things burn because their bridges with russia seem to be truly toward the motivation wasn't clear but have
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they tried to explain exactly why it happened though bearing in mind that strong reaction they've received or they are they are no strangers to consume control over seas and they explained that they try to appease their fans but they've been doing that every concert in russia they've been chanting anti-american slogans but this thing with the flag this is the first time they did something like this and so where are they now i mean clearly they've been pelted with tomatoes and vegetables whatever clearly not coming into russia now so what are they doing they are still in russia but their plan is to get out of the country as quick as possible because they're transiting through moscow i see so on the way to you know they're not performing but there are a lot of it formally escaping from the country but what the bass guitar player did in fact is a crime in russia the desecration of the national flag is a crime and there are students serious considerations and one of the authorities now to launch a criminal case as well and also not just of the. reaction but clearly people were offended russian people exactly. action that at this hour the russia clearly shows
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that but the thing is the biggest question now is whether there will be kind of a criminal case launched against them when they land in moscow for the transit time to new york thanks very much indeed for that. extraordinary story thank you well we'll be back with more news for in about half an hour from now in the meantime back here after a short break with the latest report stay with us for that so you can. see gridlock. the building. which doesn't. do anything. to teach me the creation of why you should care about humans . this is why you should care only.
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if he.
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says. welcome to the kaiser report max kaiser recently i was asked max what you cover so feel good financial news every once in a while you ask i deliver houses for positive financial news a man in china sent a six inch long worm removed from his brain now you might ask how is this good financial news is quite obviously is proof that we can remove the six inch or analysis six foot long tape worm investing the vital organs of our global financial system and all the headaches and migraines that our bank failures and quite.


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